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Claudia Blank

Studio for Art
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About me

Hello, my name is Claudia Blank, and I am a freelance visual artist, counselor, and consultant.

As an experienced artist, designer, coach and consultant, I know life sometimes can challenge and surprise one in unexpected ways. Taking on these challenges can require courage and strength.

And while these challenging times can be exciting and lead to personal growth and greater wisdom, sometimes you need support and added strength to work through them.

I would like to offer this support to you.

As a systemic-integrative artistic coach and grief counselor, I am at your side to support and strengthen you.

We will use creative techniques to recognize your strengths and resources and to break new ground as you move forward in your journey.
Artistic approaches such as drawing, collaging, painting or writing are important tools. You don't need any previous knowledge of art - just openness and curiosity.


Here's to a creative, self-determined, wild life!

Inspiration and work examples

Inspiration und Arbeitsbeispiele

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About once a quarter I send out news via a newsletter. Receive all the news about my new projects and ideas along with developments in my creative and counseling work. I’ll share my latest thoughts, paths and inspirations, some of which may inspire you.

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