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'Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life? '

(Mary Oliver)


Vision and mission

Hello, my name is Claudia Blank.

I am a freelance visual artist, counselor, and consultant. Nice that you have landed on my website. 


I believe that creative talents lie dormant within each of us. Creativity is indispensable in any form of change, in problem solving and in growth and development. Potential is available to everyone - even if the access can sometimes be hidden or even lost. Allow your intuition, feel your body, tap into your energy and spiritual space, find courage, and begin. 


Through counseling and consultation, I will encourage you to recognize your own strengths and to rediscover your creative vision and self-determination. The aim is to regain confidence with creativity, mindfulness, and humor, to allow a change of perspective, and to be open to new pathsways.

Supporting people on this journey is particularly important to me.

And I truly believe: It's worth it!

My qualifications

The breadth and depth of my skills offered through my services represent the combination of my extensive professional experiences and qualifications. These include my many years of personal and commercial artistic work, the approaches to systemic social counseling for which I am credentialed, and my many years of running a business. All of this flows together in my consultations and support, with passion and conviction!


Education, Certifications, and Training


  • Certification in Grief Counseling 
    certified by BVT e.V., Lotsenhaus, Hamburg

  • Certification in Systemic - Integrative Social Therapy / Counseling - (DSF e.V.), ISIT, Hamburg

  • Div. Workshops Body2Brain – Hamburg,
    (Dr. med. Claudia Croos-Müller)

  • Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts with awards –

  • Art Institute, San Francisco, California, USA

  • Study of applied arts at Art Academy,
    California, USA

  • Additional training in consulting, team building and mediation through Lufthansa, Hamburg

  • Additional education in the fields of art and technology (UX design, desktop publishing, Pentiment, bookbinding, printing courses, etc.)

Professional experience at a glance

  • Grief counseling and Life support via online conferences (since Corona)

  • Consultant and counselor – Hamburg, Germany (2 Years)

  • Consultant for graphic and UX/ UI visual Design, worldwide
    IT department, Lufthansa (5 Years)

  • Visual design and advertising in Hamburg, Germany
    (since 1996 - as a freelancer, employed and selfemployed for diverse companies)

  • Visual design in San Francisco and New York, USA (5 years)

  • Bookseller (2 Years)

Is there something you would still like to change?

To use your potential and find new possebilities, new paths?

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me at:

0174 - 2314741


wildday4Art Atelier fuer Kunst und kuenstlerische Entfaltung
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